This theme is perfect for me. Because I am the user of a toy digital camera. I have Two reasons using the toy digital camera.Thank you for giving an opportunity explaining to me.

Reason 1. Copyright cannot be asserted with the free blog service which I use. It is not my work even if I take a beautiful and wonderful photograph. Probably, there is no possibility that it may be secondarily used for other men, if it is the work whose picture was taken by the toy digital camera.
※Correction. The copyright of this blog is in petite fleur. Please see the article here in detail.

Reason 2. Even if it is a toy, a photograph good very rarely may be able to be taken. I am crazy for now holding the chance nothing being rash. Of course, I know that people like the photograph of high definition. However, there is also a lover of a toy film camera like Lomo. There is a certain kind of taste in the toy digital camera. It is like the taste for the simple and quiet in Japanese culture. Therefore, it may not be intelligible for everybody. Anyway, I wish everybody enjoys my photograph. It is my joy. Let’s challenge with toy camera!


This is the miniature of a lion dance. A lion dance is the mask dance which gets across to Asian countries. It has a magic-meaning for calming an evil spirit. It has been widely handed down in various forms also in Japan. Now, it prays for a fruitful year and safety and is dedicated to the New Year.
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enjoyed your explanation and photograph very much. Thank you
Posted by msdedi at 2004年12月30日 23:20
msdedi,thank you for the comment.
I am glad for you to enjoy my photograph.
Posted by PFC at 2004年12月31日 14:13