It's snowing! (Best of 2004)

This photograph had been inadvertently up-loaded before a few minutes. At that time, this photograph was classified into others. Nobody might have seen this photograph. However, I submit this for photo friday as the Best of 2004.


It snowed on the New Year's Eve. It is the beginning and, perhaps, the last snow this year. Because the region where I live is a very clement climate, the snow is unusual. It was pleased because children in the vicinity shouted with pleasure this morning. I also went out to see the appearance of the town. And, the photograph of the snow that piled in the fence of the sasanqua was taken.

The snow will disappear in the evening. I wished an unpleasant thing that had happened with thaw this year to disappear all. I will wish all to be can be happy next year.

I wish to express my gratitude to the person who visited this blog this year. And, I wish to express my gratitude to the owner on the site that I visited. Ladies and gentlemen, my best regards next year.
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