Unfortunately, Japanese people seldom have a chance to take a vacation.Moreover, it is popular among spending holiday without spending money because it is recessional now. For instance, many people gather in the library and the free market.


I went to the exhibition concerning the education. For instance, we can see the message by anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss, and the painter Katsuhiko Hibino, etc. A mysterious space there. Some small liquid crystal displays hang from the ceiling in a white room. The image of active people in the various circles is projected one after another on the screen. And, those who come hear the hearing message from a wireless headphone. The sensor of the ceiling works when those who come move in the room, and it hears of another sound. It is a sound recorded by bustle all over the world like India and New York, etc.Or, the cry of wild animals shouted in the jungle is heard.The admission fee was free of charge of course :)
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beautiful serene photograph
Posted by msdedi at 2005年02月04日 03:49
msdedi, thank you for the comment. This was an exhibition that stimulated the sight and aural. I enjoyed relaxing very much.
Posted by petite fleur at 2005年02月04日 08:22