A new star was born in a fertile crescent zone. He is Jordanian's ceramic artist. This photograph obtained and took a picture of his permission.
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He makes pottery from the soil of Japan and draws the pattern with the mosaic that is a traditional technique of the ancient Orient. This plate is an original design to distribute Arabic script to the center.
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To my regret, I did not understand though he read the character written in the plate in the Arabia language. Please leave comment if someone understands the meaning.

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The series that combines town and man's feet with the mosque is a story based on Islam.
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I know somebody who helped me with the translation. He could read the text on only two plates, but not the plates with the cups.

Because it is Arabic text, I have put the result on a special page of my web site for you. The address is:

Posted by Tim Frost at 2006年06月07日 04:30
I wish to express my gratitude to Mr.Tim Frost who made a special site for me, and to Dr. Ahmed El Dawi that cooperated in the translation.

I send salaam to Islamite who doesn't forget the faith wherever they live. I believe that Islam is a religion of peace as its name suggests. Thank you.
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