Do you believe?

Obsession at daybreak.

a fate or an eternity?
posted by petite fleur at 22:10 | Comment(3) | photo friday
As usual, you are different!

Very intriguing - I can't work out what you've done. Is it a sunrise blended with a zodiac diagram?

And to answer your question: It is well known that people like me [Leos born in the year of the Tiger] don't believe in astrology :)
Posted by at 2005年03月05日 11:56
Sorry - I didn't mean to be anonymous!
Posted by Tim Frost at 2005年03月05日 11:58
Thank you Tim!
It is difficult to take the close-up and the distant view in my toy camera. Therefore, the same photograph as other people cannot be taken. Please read the following articles about a detailed explanation.

There is a person who clings to a strange idea because she/he believes the horoscope. The character judgment by the blood type gets into the news in Japan. I think that we need not seriously catch it though I am not year of the tiger : )
Posted by petite fleur at 2005年03月05日 12:57