The basis of all things of space is empty.

There is no one of invariability.

The person, nature, and the cityscape change.
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Your philosophy is infectious.

Man-made lamps move to make space for the light of the empty sky.

Chair forms evolve.

Even the appearance of your blog has altered.
Posted by Tim Frost at 2005年03月10日 11:18
Thank you Tim.
This is one of the basic thought of the Buddhism.
It is difficult for me to explain the meaning of "Empty".
I am expecting you to take a new photograph.
Posted by petite fleur at 2005年03月10日 20:31
this is lovely petite fleur, (the current focus of my internal study...shenpa, and choosing to be present)
Posted by msdedi at 2005年03月11日 01:52
Thank you msdedi.
I wish the development of your research though I do not know the meaning of "shenpa" : )
Posted by petite fleur at 2005年03月11日 21:33
in my limited understanding, it refers to the "hook" or thought, or feeling/emotion that takes you out of the current moment and into old rerun patterns of thinking/emotions...something that causes strong reactions that take you away from the present
Posted by msdedi at 2005年03月15日 03:37
msdedi, Thank you for the explanation.
Posted by petite fleur at 2005年03月15日 08:26