3.20 world peace day

The hottest news! for photo friday.

Can you unite

Person who is fly of flag written, "Opposite in constitutional revision" on the world peaceful day.

by the Internet?

Placard used by demonstration parade.

It is the world peace day tomorrow.
I participated in the peace walk today.
I walked with such a placard.
What did you do?
Or what will you do? March.19.2005

The hottest news is a movement opposed the Constitution of Japan revision now. It is called a meeting that defends Article 9.
The founder of the meeting that defends Constitution of Japan Article 9 is an American. He is professors emeritus Charles Orbarbe of the Ohio university. The meeting that defends Article 9 in nationwide various places is being established by Japan.

When Japan becomes a militarism again, are you happy?

Content of constitution of Article 9.

Article 9 【 negation of renunciation of war and armament and right
of belligerency 】


The Japanese people desire the world peace based on the justice and
order in sincerity, and the movement barrel war of the national
authority, the threat by military power or the exercise of military
power abandons this permanently as a means to settle international

The purpose in the preceding clause is maintained and to reach,
neither fighting services nor other war potentials maintain this. As
for the right of belligerency in the country, this is not admitted.
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