Information from Seesaa. March 11, 2004.

About the handling of the copyright in our blog sservice.

The copyright concerning what the user made on the blog service etc. belong to the user himself.

Our company is not in the standpoint where it is restricted that the user exercises the right to third parties other than our company for what the user made.

When the account is registered to the user, it agrees to make those use, the reproductions, changes, the deletions, the adaptations, the translations, publishing, indication, offers, and the second books, to permit Seesaa the right that can be distributed free of charge inside and outside the country in Japan non-monopolizing it, and not to exercise the writer character right including the identity maintenance right etc. for the book written on our blog service for our company.

The purpose of this is to cause the obstacle to a smooth offer of stable, high-quality blog service if user's book is reproduced in the data base and the memory, it is opened to the public to many, it totals, ranking information etc. are made, and it is necessary to get individual permission from the user in every case when it publishes in the site or service is provided when our company widely offers user's book in general in blog service.

Naturally, when our company uses user's book by the purposes other than our service, I should get the user's permission.

At present, there is no concrete schedule to use user's book besides blog service.
It will refrain from the explanation more than this concerning the content, and consent, please though the development of various new services will be zealously examined in the future.

Please continue your favors toward the Seesaa service in the future.
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